Highlights of the trip - It's the PEOPLE! Looking back, while the 2 departments would have lunch together once in a blue moon, nothing beats spending time to move around and learn from (and about) each other! Though we spent more than 75% of the time inside the car and the aging body aching for the whole of next day - I guess the company has made it worth the trip :) Thanks for making the trip possible!

Head north

Crossing the Tuas checkpoint in a 10-seater car
(My first time need not alight the vehicle to cross the immigration counters)

A quick stopover for breakfast

Learning Journey - Part (1) Google Photos

The 1st mission of the day was to learn uploading and photos of the learning journey in Google Photos (a feature that was introduced last year, but many of us had not quite harness the features yet).

Below is the screenshot from my iPhone. The uploading process is simple (see the upload button? obvious?). Indeed, something new (to me) is, we can add comments to the album/ photo. Since it is shared within the team, anyone got invited to the album can contribute their share, and all the photos are organised automatically by chronological order. This helps to keep track of the sequence of activities taking place, unlike, in GoogleDrive, the photos are organised by filename.

On the other hand, it seems (to me) that access from GoogleDrive (via the desktop) is less straightforward. The album could not be found.
(see screenshot below)

To access via the Desktop, one should go to: https://photos.google.com/albums - That's where we start to see the features of the application.
(see screenshot below)

Learning Journey - Part (2) The Drone

Learning to fly a drone... at a nice quiet "beach" in Malacca

Dean, being the instructor, showed us how to marvel the device. 
Pretty fun experience, for someone who does not play remotely controlled devices.

A pretty smart device that could return to where it took off (within 1 m radii).

Though it has the potential to go out to around 7 km, it was almost out of sight when it went beyond 1km.

With the sensors, it was clever enough not to clash into any other object.

It would be great if all the batteries were fully charged - then we could try out the video recording at various perspectives when the device was elevated to greater heights and when it flew out to the sea. 


(Just before Lunch)
Nice cooling coconut milk shake that came with ice cream! 
Yummy - a great comfort for the hot weather.

The World Heritage Site

World Heritage Site: 

I wish the area is more well-maintained - minus the motorcycle and the toilet sign.

Trishaws that were nicely decorated with Hello Kitty and Doraemon. 
I wish the decoration looked more authentic or more closely linked to the local culture.

One of those "must come" landmark in the town.

The clock tower

A river? A canal? A familiar sight.
Well, basically all early settlements started near some water channels. 
This reminded me of Clark Quay :P
I guess the place would be colourfully lighted up at night.

A narrow road with red brick shophouses lined up in both sides.

Learning Journey - Part (3) Photography

Aurelius showing us how he could use the iPhone 7+ "Portrait" mode to create photos with blurred background.

See the 'blurred' effect? 
(Photo courtesy of Aurelius Yeo)

The three gentlemen were trying to figure out how to use the 360-degree camera to the take photograph of all 8 of us

See the photos on the left pane (of this blog)?
Meanwhile, I'm practising "selfie" and "we-fie"
(I always wish I could extend my arms longer/ further when taking these photos)

Lunch - Part 2

Chicken Rice Ball, another famous dish in the town
OK, it's Chicken + Rice Ball, and it's not chicken embedded inside the rice ball

It's Dinner Time!

The seafood restaurant that overlooked Singapore Sembawang shipyard.
Oh yes, that's where all of us got connected back to the Singapore Teleco network :)

The plate of otak just appeared on our table before we started ordering our food

and more...

Head south. Head home.

Returning via the Woodlands Causeway where we met the jam

Arrived at Checkpoint station at around 9 am