Highlights of the trip - It's the PEOPLE! Looking back, while the 2 departments would have lunch together once in a blue moon, nothing beats spending time to move around and learn from (and about) each other! Though we spent more than 75% of the time inside the car and the aging body aching for the whole of next day - I guess the company has made it worth the trip :) Thanks for making the trip possible!

The World Heritage Site

World Heritage Site: 

I wish the area is more well-maintained - minus the motorcycle and the toilet sign.

Trishaws that were nicely decorated with Hello Kitty and Doraemon. 
I wish the decoration looked more authentic or more closely linked to the local culture.

One of those "must come" landmark in the town.

The clock tower

A river? A canal? A familiar sight.
Well, basically all early settlements started near some water channels. 
This reminded me of Clark Quay :P
I guess the place would be colourfully lighted up at night.

A narrow road with red brick shophouses lined up in both sides.

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